Bulk Transfers

A bulk transfer, also called a bulk payment, is a remittance to multiple payees from a single bank account. For customers, it shows as only one debit in their ledger for easier management.

Perhaps the most important advantage in using bulk payments, especially for international B2B payments, is convenience. When companies make international business payments on an ad hoc basis, someone in accounting needs to log in and process the invoice for each transaction. This may also require purchasing foreign currency with variable exchange rates leading up to the time payment needs to be made. Bulk processing lets companies buy foreign currency in bulk and at the same time send payments to multiple vendors located in the same country, gaining advantages with more certain and consistent foreign exchange, rates as well as faster payment time.

Creating a bulk transfer token request entails building the list of transfers and destinations. Here's how to create a new instance of a bulk transfer builder:


* Create a new Builder instance for a bulk transfer token request.


* @param transfers list of transfers

* @param totalAmount total amount irrespective of currency. Used for redundancy check.

* @return Builder instance


public static BulkTransferBuilder bulkTransferRequestBuilder(

        List <BulkTransferBody.Transfer> transfers,

        double totalAmount) {





    return new BulkTransferBuilder(transfers, totalAmount);