Going Into Production

Upon completing SDK integration and testing in the sandbox, you're ready to enter production. Configure the switch to a production environment in your Token client setup by updating connectTo(SANDBOX) to connectTo(PRODUCTION) as indicated in the following example.

Path keys = Files.createDirectories(Paths.get("./keys"));

TokenClient tokenClient = TokenClient.builder()

    .withKeyStore(new UnsecuredFileSystemKeyStore(keys.toFile()))

    .connectTo(PRODUCTION) // changed from SANDBOX


Going into production also requires verification of your business licenses and certificates. This entails opening a Token Support ticket (pictured below) using the Technical Integration category.

Be sure to include your Alias value and type, along with your Member ID. Also, if you haven't done so already, you'll need to set your profile display and picture. You will not be able to move into production until your profile is set.

After performing the necessary compliance checks, including verification of your eIDAS credentials and domain alias, Token will send a reply via the support ticket informing you of the results.

Important: Your certificate is revalidated periodically. If it subsequently becomes invalid (e.g., it has expired) and your TPP member ID can no longer be verified, your Member ID will lose the permissions previously granted. After updating your certificate, you will need to reverify your alias with the new certificate via the support ticket process outlined above.