Working in the Sandbox

Token's sandbox is a software testing environment enabling isolated execution of API functionality for independent evaluation, monitoring or testing. The idea is to be able to test API features and code integration with or without your project in ideal conditions, emulating a production environment and its behaviors to test the functionality of the Token API with notional banks, account information and transaction values. Working in the sandbox, TPP developers can check and validate their code by testing it against a specific web service without creating unforeseen impacts within their normal operating environment and business processes.

As pictured above (hover to enlarge), our sandbox is compromised of three major areas:

  • Documentation – the guidance package you're currently reading. You can access this resource at any time from the sandbox. You can also access Documentation from its link in the navigation panel on the left side of the dashboard UI.
  • Testing – combined with the API's Swagger specification, this tool lets you simulate bank connectivity using relevant parameters and data so you can see how individual API features perform and the response details you'll receive for each well-defined request.
  • Payload Builder – generates an authorisation token you can use for integration testing with your application. You can select either an API key or signing for authentication. You can also specify a callback URL for testing purposes to validate successful redirection and execution.

Let's take a brief look at each area of the sandbox and how to use it.